Thursday, April 10, 2008

I am getting sick....


I am happy that Jeff Knoll is back to help out. I am not happy that certain people are trying to bring him down or make him feel like crap. Most of these people are people that should know better then to do this.

I have notice there has been a change in the fandom. Everyone is all about their site. Yes, I am a sinner with Jericho Times Newsletter and I am not saying I am a saint. But over all I have one goal. Report wants going on in the fandom. That's promoting other sites and other stuff related to Jericho.

But as of late everyone is getting into this mind set to attack each other to try to be NUMBER #1. I really can't not give names or places because that will start crap. I really don't want to start crap. I just want to give you my opinion. If you read the CBS message boards and know who owns what then you know what I am talking about.

Why can't everyone think of help others out and trying to promote each other. Yes, the current campaign called "Sell" Jericho Ad will not have fan sites and probably have on it like before. Which I have no problem with. Just hope BJB would add all the Fan sites there as that would be a good place to start.

I don't know, is it me or is it that most of the people who own fan sites just a-holes. Yes, i swore because I don't know how else to put my frustration out there in word that will not cause me to be flagged by blog spot.

I really wish I can give you details. But I can't and I will not. I just venting and hoping someone will listen. And mostly I will get ripped a new one by Wendy. Which I expect from. :)

But the big thing that bugs me is the lack of helping each other out. If certain people keep acting the way they are I do not want to be associated with them in any forum. These aren't your normal fans. These are people who have influence over fans. Not leaders, just influence.

In turn some people say I am choosing sites to report on. I ask for help every day. I need help. You try to report on the whole fandom in a week period and not waste a whole Sunday night doing it. There is allot of stuff out there just on the CBS message boards. Every week something new is happening. Not like two months ago when there was NOTHING going on and I was having trouble find things to report on.

I needed to vent. Sorry. This was not directed to anyone but wanted to let you know how I feel at this time. Everyone has a right to their opinion. I just feel that if you have a position that people look up to you that you have to bit your tong.

I am only held to the stander to report about whats going on. I do not want to be put on a pedestal. If I am I will knock it down.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The monster awakens!

Wow! Talk about alot of stuff going on.

I am having a hell of a time keeping up with all the information. I am sorry to all the people who expect the newsletter on a certain day. I will try to get the newsletter out on sunday nights. Knowing my luck all the news will hit tomarrow! lol

Well, I really don't have opinion about anything at this time. Not to many people have vist/signed up for the Jericho Times Message Boards. Which I figured. Everyone has a set forum to stick with. I did not plan to have a large forum anways. It was to allow the subcribers a place to play and talk about the newsletter.

The writing of the web-episodes is going very slowly. Alot of people have come forward to say they are willing to writer. But none of them are taking the lead and saying "Hey Jason you are scewing up" or "You are doing this all wrong."

Which I think I will have scrap the first script which I have finished to create a new one. Like I said, I am not a writer. I can make the show but I can not write the show. Writing is a whole different world.

If you are a writer please let me know what I am doing wrong. I know that I need to create the whole story before writing out each and every part of the script and it will allow other script writers to write about the show.

I just need some help! :(

Anyways, that is all I have to say for now!

Thanks for reading!

Friday, April 4, 2008

The fandom is not divided!

"Blogger's/ Media begin the attacks against Jericho Fandom!"

It sounds worst then it does. I have notice an increase of blogger's talking about how Jericho fandom is divided and infighting is cause problems with the efforts to bring back the show.


All I want to say that I do not see this happening. More then ever do I see fandoms working together. Jericho Monster blog promoting Jerichonet2. Radio Free Jericho being promoted on all message boards about what they are doing. The doors are open and everyone is using them. I have not see any single fan site shut its doors on another fan site. We do have arguments but we have the same goal. Season 3 for Jericho!

What caused the problem with this whole infighting was the press release from Jerichonet2 did not include any other fan site and when the press picked the release they only went with what they had in their hands, the press release. Other fan sites felt sore, including me, about being left out of the spot light. But instead of releasing their own press releases and creating confusion in the press poll with a bunch of press releases they just vented on the message boards. Hence the infighting and the view that the fandom was falling apart.

Now, I hope this makes sense to you. It took me awhile. Lucky terocious's response to a comment to gave me the understanding on what was going on with all the infighting.

Yes, there are people out on the message boards that their whole goal is to make us sad and cause fights. Lucky there is a opinion called ignore user. I have done it to many of people. So, I do not have to read their bad comments ever again.

We are not divided! We are stronger then ever and more determined then ever to get a season 3 for Jericho! Join me and fight for Season 3!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Jericho Times Message Board!!!


Jericho Times Newsletter is proud to announce the creation of a new message board. Jericho Times Message Board! The subscribers asked for it. They got it.

People will say we don't need another message board. This one is different. Its smaller. It's not made to be complex. Its simple and to the point. Communication between fans.

I will be using this board to post information about the web-episodes that I am currently working on as well as other information if people are wanting to make comments on the newsletter.

There is allot of things we can do with the message board. Its now time to branch the JT name to provide a better service to the fans. I only promote the Message board in the darkest areas of the CBS message boards. I opened the door to allow cross promotions and I will not shut that door.

I only hope i can help heal the battle hearts of the fans. I am not looking for glory. I am not looking for my self. I am only here to make the fans of Jericho happy to be a fan. We are here because of show. We are not here to save a show.

That will be another day about that topic of why we are here. :)

Please enjoy the message boards and the opinion page.



Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Why I did I choose one over another?

I did not want a lawsuit.


Nuts to Nelson is a funny idea and I was scared that if I asked everyone to "help out" that it would get a nice little letter from their lawyers ask me to stop tell people to send nuts to them. Then I found out I was part of a much larger in-fight in the fandom. I did not be a part of any of it. Instead of "choosing" a side I decided to stick with what my original plan on the newsletter. That is to report for the Jericho Fans. Hence why now I have created a Mission Statement to tell everyone that I will not be involved in in-fight. I will just report on whats going on. I will not ask people to help this campaign over another. All campaigns are equal as all fans are equal. Fans will make or brake a campaign if they support it. Plus, it is their time and money they are wasting.

Now comes my opinion.

The Nuts to Nelson is stupid. Yes, I get the point to get media attention. Which is nice. But what if we send nuts to paramount. I bet they are ready for us to send nuts to them. But Carol Barbee, the show runner, a person who basically controls Jericho, said that the nuts idea is a one time deal.

Carol Barbee is a employee of CBS? Last time I checked shows are done by contract and Carol Barbee has a contact with CBS for many different shows. She is really not employee of CBS but a independent contractor. Unless someone has the legal papers to prove this wrong?

Noru and anyone else that wants to support this campaign. Go right ahead. Its the waste of your money and time. I am happy that its not my money and time. Just let me know how much wasted money ***cough*** I mean nuts you have sent on this campaign so I can report it.

I hope everyone understands that I have to be fair and non-bias against when I report whats going on.

Yes, I am not official newsletter. But I do need to make sure I have a sold foundation to build the newsletter when I hit the 10,000 subscribers mark. You cannot build a great building with out a great foundation.

Well, I hope everyone is not getting ready to hang me.

I hope everyone understands were I am coming from with this.


This opinion page is for the Jericho fans as well. If you have a opinion that you want to state but do not want to start a blog. Feel free to send me an email @ and states that "I want this in the opinion" It can not have any swearing and must be a non-personal attack. I have the right to reject opinions. :P


Welcome to the start of something new!


Welcome to the first opinion page of the Jericho Times Newsletter! Were it is raw and sometime unedit! If you have an opinion and want to share it feel free to contact me and I'll add it to the newsletter! Even if you are ripping a new one.

Lets debate!